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Clinton Balgera, is the inventor of Exoprecise Technology and founder of the Sport Precise method, introducing the world to our first Exoprecise product; Laser Power Swing Trainer for baseball and softball batting. Within month’s customers included world-class athletes and teams, including Eric Thames (MLB®), University of Hawaii (NCAA®), and our proudest achievement; helping the Boston Renegades (Beep Baseball for blind athletes).

“I was fortunate enough to test our Laser Power Swing Trainer throughout the final year of my long career. Despite nagging injuries, I immediately noticed an improvement in my swing; increasing my batting average by over 100 points, compared to the previous season. For the first time in many years, my swing was fast, strong, and I felt dominant in the batter’s box again.”

Clinton Balgera,

  • Inventor of our cutting-edge Exoprecise Technology.
  • Founder of the revolutionary Multi-Swing Method.
  • 20-year professional baseball career, playing in the USA, Italy, and Australia. Career highlights include the Junior College World Series MVP, accepting a full scholarship the University of Indianapolis, and the Australian Baseball League MVP.
Exoprecise Brand
Exoprecise Brand