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The distance of the elbows from your torso is critical to high-performance. Swinging the elbows away from your body reduces speed, lower-half stability, disrupting the head/eyes. A subtle pushing force controls the movement of your elbows away, and to the side of your body – critical to proper form, balance, mechanics, agility and coordination. Activating the precise muscles and joints for everyday movement.

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Reacting to the elbow’s natural biomechanics, in all directions, simultaneously expanding, contracting, and morphing; navigating the optimal distance from your center of gravity. As the distance increases, the applying forces increase, reaching the apex, exerting the maximum pushing force. Resistance and acceleration collide, contraction accelerates the return, applying forces, steering the elbows to improve biomechanics. Repeating the process, left elbow moves, right, and so on.

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Movement/Acceleration of the elbows, distributes equal and opposite forces:

  • Raising the elbow/s to side: produces an outward pushing force, sequencing the proper kinetic chain; strengthening the thoracic core, obliques, trapezius, and side deltoid.
  • Lowering: accelerates the return, increasing speed, guiding the arms/elbows to perfect distance/center of gravity; stimulating the brain and muscle communication systems (muscle memory) and the growth of fast twitch muscle fibers.
  • Back: applying a subtle force against your chest, pushing the shoulders back, aligning your posture, increasing airflow to the lungs, reducing tiredness; strengthening the rear deltoid, and core.
  • Forward: forces strengthen the front deltoid, and core.
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Real World Example


As you walk or run, one elbow moves forward, and the other back. In the following example, the right elbow moves forward; starting your walking motion.

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  • Movement of the right elbow forward generates frontal Exoprecise-Resistance; continuing this motion increases the distance between your elbow and body, leading to a steady increase of pushing force until you reach the apex. Stimulating the growth of muscles on the right side of your body; core and the deceleration muscles of your shoulder.
  • Simultaneously, the left elbow moves back, generating posterior Exoprecise-Resistance, stimulating the growth of muscles on the left side of your body; core and the acceleration muscles of your shoulder.
  • Releasing from the apex of the forward motion, is the catalyst for Exoprecise-Acceleration, increasing the return speed of the right elbow to the body; simultaneously, the left elbow returns, activating the growth of fast twitch muscle fibers, improving agility, and form.
  • Throughout your walking/running motion, the pushing force steers your arms to the perfect distance from your body’s center; reducing the movement of the elbows away, and to the side of your body; critical to proper running form, and balance. For example, world-class sprinters keep the elbows in a straight line and close to the body. Opposingly, swinging the elbows away from the body slows your running speed, increasing movement of the head, and reduces the performance of your lower body.
  • Additionally, movement of the elbows amid your walking/running motion exerts a subtle pushing force against your chest, straightening your torso to improve posture, leading to an increase in lung capacity, and endurance.
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Exoprecise Brand
Exoprecise Brand

The innovative process repeats on every walking/running stride, as the left elbow moves forward, and right elbow back, and so on. You’ll notice an improvement in running/walking speed, form, posture, and endurance. The same principle applies, raising your elbows to the side, upward, in any direction; 360-degrees of Exoprecise-Resistance surrounds your torso, reacting to the movement of your elbows.



Overwhelming forces activate your conscious movement/muscles, burning out quickly; unable to train, as normal. Exoprecise products apply the precise level of forces, without, disrupting the subconscious mind (automatic state); throughout, high-repetitions. Critical to activating, stimulating, and strengthening the automatic muscles (deep-layer-core/acceleration/deceleration muscles).

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Standing around the home or office, the positioning of your elbows to the side, or behind your body triggers Exoprecise-Resistance at the front of your torso, pushing your shoulders back, automatically aligning posture, increasing airflow to the lungs; reducing tiredness.

Sitting at the desk, an Exoprecise-Resistance force steers you to a stable and strong upper back posture, generating a slight pushing force against the bottom of your chest to prevent slouching.

Operating your mouse away from the keyboard causes pain in your upper back, triggering tension headaches, and increases the workload on your injury-prone wrist joint. Sitting at the desk, as your elbow drifts away from your body, an Exoprecise-Resistance force provides sensory feedback for the best positioning of your mouse, pulling your arm closer to your core, encouraging postural form. Our groundbreaking Exoprecise-Design is comfortable to wear for an entire workday, you’ll notice an increase in productivity, all-around stability, and posture.


Exoprecise-Technology provides an all-in-one, fitness solution, energizing your warm-up and stretching efficiency, accelerating the process of pumping blood to your muscles; increasing flexibility and core strength.


Our unrivaled Exoprecise-Design supports and relieves pressure on vulnerable joints, improves spinal, shoulder and elbow stability: strengthening core muscles, resulting in fewer injuries. You’ll enjoy life with pain-free movement.

Baseball Precise-4001
Baseball Precise-4001
Baseball Precise-4001