Baseball Precise-4001


  • All-In-One baseball power trainer for pitching, hitting, and fielding.
  • Produces 360 degrees of Exoprecise® ℗ (WIPO) resistance, harnessing the natural movement of your elbows to strengthen baseball muscles, trigger arm/bat speed, improving your mechanics; during practice as usual, intrasquad, and working out at home (Sport Precise training).
  • SPEED: At the time your elbows reach the apex of a movement away from the body, exerting the maximum pushing force, releasing from resistance accelerates the return.
  • MECHANICS: Throughout practice, our unrivaled baseball trainer exerts the precise amount of resistance to your elbows, navigating the optimal distance from your body; improving mechanics, and fixing mistakes.
  • STRENGTH: Moving the elbows away from your body creates an outward pushing force, producing the precise amount of resistance to strengthen automatic baseball muscles.
  • Adjustable to fit all sizes, learn more below. 30-Days money-back guarantee.

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EXOskeleton for PRECISE, and powerful movement.

  • CONNECTED BIOMECHANICS: The distance of the elbows from your torso is critical to high-performance. Swinging the elbows away from your body reduces speed, lower-half stability, disrupting the head/eyes. A subtle pushing force controls the movement of your elbows away, and to the side of your body – critical to proper form, balance, mechanics, agility and coordination. Activating the precise muscles and joints for everyday movement.
  • HARNESSING THE FORCES: Reacting to the elbow’s natural biomechanics, in all directions, simultaneously expanding, contracting, and morphing; navigating the optimal distance from your center of gravity. As the distance increases, the applying forces increase, reaching the apex, exerting the maximum pushing force. Resistance and acceleration collide, contraction accelerates the return, applying forces, steering the elbows to improve biomechanics. Repeating the process, left elbow moves, right, and so on.
  • PERPETUAL MOTION: Movement/Acceleration of the elbows, distributes equal and opposite forces – Raising the elbow/s to side: produces an outward pushing force, sequencing the proper kinetic chain; strengthening the thoracic core, obliques, trapezius, and side deltoid. Lowering: accelerates the return, increasing speed, guiding the arms/elbows to perfect distance/center of gravity; stimulating the brain and muscle communication systems (muscle memory) and the growth of fast twitch muscle fibers. Back: applying a subtle force against your chest, pushing the shoulders back, aligning your posture, increasing airflow to the lungs, reducing tiredness; strengthening the rear deltoid, and core. Forward: forces strengthen the front deltoid, and core.
  • SPORT PRECISE TRAINING: Overwhelming forces activate your conscious movement/muscles, burning out quickly; unable to train, as normal. Exoprecise products apply the precise level of forces, without, disrupting the subconscious mind (automatic state); throughout, high-repetitions. Critical to activating, stimulating, and strengthening the automatic muscles (deep-layer-core/acceleration/deceleration muscles).
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Baseball Precise-4001

Product Type

Sport Precise Training Aid

Exoprecise Model





Training/Practice, Intrasquad, Play, Home

Range Of Motion

Unrestricted, accommodating movement above the shoulders

Suitable For

Adults, Kids 12 and older


Balance Sliders, Exoprecise, Resistance Slider, ROM2 Axis Stabilizer, ROM2 Bridge, ROM2 Stabilizer

Exoprecise Sizing

Resistance Slider, adjusting the size/resistance for extra-small, and extra-large. Thread the left-over Exoprecise material through the Resistance Slider to secure and balance

Exoprecise Placement

Anchoring at the elbows, attaching securely to the body; when not in use, slide out your arms, wearing around the waist – easy access.

Exoprecise Material

Three-Dimensional Exoprecise®℗ Nanofibers; woven, microstructural layering

Exoprecise Length

40 inches

Stretching Threshold

108 inches

Exoprecise Width

2 inches

ROM1 Sizing

Adjust the size for a snug fit, anchoring the Exoprecise

ROM1 Placement

For best performance position on the skin, alternatively, wear around your sleeves. Place directly above the elbows for maximum resistance, optional to place at the mid-bicep, reducing the force

Exoprecise Friction

Impervious to repetitive motion, reducing friction on the arms, chest, and back; Exoprecise nanofibers, dispersing the heat, eliminating skin irritation

Exoprecise Quality

Durable, returning to the original shape, without permanent alteration


Anchoring the Exoprecise for upward movement, above the shoulders. Depending on the torso-height, raise and lower the placement; in-between the waist, and belly-button

Exoprecise Responsiveness

Synchronously, expanding, contracting, reacting, and morphing to the body’s natural motion

Exoprecise Strength

Ultra-high PSI tensile strength, and stretch-limit; resilient to breaking under tension, accommodating to the stresses, and strain of power biomechanics

Exoprecise Texture

SILKY-SMOOTH: Ultra-thin, lightweight, unobtrusive, wearing for long periods


Adjustable and detachable